Sample Information Technology Paper

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“According to the article, what were the major technical issues that the company had to resolve?”

In any IT environment, NOC plays a vital role to manage, maintain and secure the internal and external communications. In today’s world of IT, there is not a single company saying that their NOC is the best among all other service or solution providers.

NOC (Network Operation Centre) is comprised of experienced, technical customer service agents that have experience in the industry and are well versed in handling crisis situations. All system events are logged upon problem notification (via alarm or customer call) and the NOC works to determine the source of the problem and to dispatch personnel as required.

Following is a cursory list of the basic functions of any IT company NOC:

1. Monitoring of Physical cabling or wireless connections and any other element that could affect the quality of the client’s network performance.
2. Troubleshooting
3. Inform customer care center about the problem
In many service-oriented companies such as Earthlink customers are encouraged to call the NOC with any operational questions or concerns about EarthLink products and services. The NOC has access to each and every database of the other departments these databases have complete customers’ documentation.

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