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Orissa’s Importance in Northern Style of Architecture

There are more temples now in Orissa than in the rest of Hindustan put together. In addition, the importance of temples of Orissa cannot be denied. Some of the temples being one of the best examples of Indian architecture from the 7th to the 13th century A.D. countless temples were built. The temples of Orissa display a regal splendor. An Orissan temple (deul) typically consists of a chamber, one or a number of front terrace (Jaga Mohana) usually with pyramidal roofs, a dancing hall (nata mandir) and a hall of offerings (bhog mandir).

Some of the temples described below reflect the evolution and development of the architecture.

Gupta Temple No.17

Gupta temple No.17 is one of the most rationally planned buildings in Indian architecture. It took into account all the philosophy, which was essential in the creation of a medieval Indian temple. It marks the evolution of Indian temple architecture. The Gupta period, which brought in a new era in the history of Indian temple-architecture, resulted in a revival of structural activity. Temple 17, one of the earliest Gupta temples renowned for their balanced proportion, control in adornment and grace.

Parasurameswara Temple

Parasurameswara Temple built in 650 AD is one of the few initial temples of Bhubaneshwar. This temple was built in the ‘Kalinga’ style of temple architecture. The mid-seventh century date agreed on by most scholars is established on technique, as well as on the eight planets, which appear over the door to the inner sanctum. This small temple shows the early stages of development of the two main Orissan temple components: the deal the Jaga Mohan.

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