Essay writing is indeed a cumbersome task for many students. After being assigned an essay to write, many students put it aside to complete it just before the deadline, which often results in a poor grade. Essay writing is part of academia during high school and university. There is no way a student, no matter what field he/she belongs to, can avoid writing essays on various topics during his or her academic career. Essay writing is difficult but can be perfected if taken seriously and practiced regularly. This article will help you with the basics of essay writing. Just read some useful tips below to write interesting and informative essays.

Select an Interesting Topic

The very first step in writing an essay is to select an interesting topic, given that you have an option to select one. Make sure to select a very interesting topic to make things easier for yourself. If the topic is interesting, it will make your task much easier, as writing an essay involves doing research, in-depth analysis, and writing. Avoid any topic that is not familiar. Make sure you have some information about the topic beforehand.

Make an Outline

An outline of the essay is like a roadmap that helps your readers identify what is coming ahead in the essay. Identify the major themes that you intend to cover in the essay. An outline mainly consists of your topic and subheadings of the topic under Roman numerals.


Once you have decided on the topic and written an outline, it is time to do extensive research. You can use books from libraries, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Since the internet has made life much simpler, most people opt for the internet for educational purposes. You can use search engines like Google to start searching for the topic.

Make sure you start broad and narrow your research to something specific. Keep jotting down key ideas and information on the topic along the way. Highlight them so you can use them later when writing the essay.

Start Writing

Now you have done most of the work, it is time to come to the main business, i.e., to start writing the essay. An essay always starts with an introduction where some background information about the topic, the main ideas that you intend to discuss in the main argument and a thesis statement that informs the reader about the essay’s main purpose, is provided.

An introduction should be a microcosm of an essay, giving readers an idea of the essay. Once you have written the introduction, start writing the main body, where all the facts and figures supporting arguments are provided. Lastly, write a strong conclusion to make an ever-lasting impression on the reader.

Essay writing is very simple once you become accustomed to it. If you are a high school or university student, you will come across several essay writing assignments that will make you an essay writing champion.

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