The main purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to describe a person, place or thing accurately. You must have a certain objective to describe before writing a descriptive essay. Descriptive essays follow the similar basic structure of essay writing, i.e., the introduction, the main body and a conclusion at the end. This article provides some important tips for writing descriptive essays. Keep reading to learn to write descriptive essays.

Features of Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay must cover all the basic human senses, such as taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing when describing a particular thing, place or object.

The use of sense always depends on the topic you intend to write. For instance, water is an object that requires all five senses, whereas a brick is something that definitely cannot be tasted.


Descriptive essays follow a similar format as other types of essays. Begin a descriptive essay with a strong introduction consisting of a brief summary and thesis statement followed by the main body with details about an object, thing or a place and finally a conclusion with a brief summary of the key points and reinstatement of the thesis from the introductory paragraph as a reminder to the readers about the main purpose of the essay.

Descriptive essays require transitions in between paragraphs to make a logical reading flow.

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