Plagiarism goes unnoticed sometimes as some teachers do not know how to identify assignments that contain plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious problem in the academic world and certain measures must be taken to discourage it otherwise the time is not far away when some students will not do their academic assignments such as term papers, research papers, research reports, and essays, properly and write plagiarized papers. This article will help you identify term papers and essays with possible traces of plagiarism. Read below to find out how to identify plagiarized papers.

Examine the Paper

Thoroughly read the paper and find out the students’ research methodologies and writing skills. If a paper turns out to be extraordinary from a student who usually turns in average or poor papers than something is definitely wrong.

Look for Citations

While reading the paper look for citations. If there are very few or literally no citations than there are chances that the paper is plagiarized. Normally papers with very few or no citations are plagiarized.

Use Search Engine

If you come across sentences that you feel are written by someone else use the search engine to find out. Copy the whole sentence or word and paste it in the search box of the search engine with quotation marks around it. If exactly the same wording appears in the search result than the paper is definitely plagiarized. Open the link and look for the exact source. The student may have used the similar source to write the paper.

It is extremely important to discourage plagiarism by using these tips otherwise there is no point in teaching and promote learning among students.

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