It has been a very common trend among the most reputable businesses worldwide such as the Nike, GAP, United Colors of Benetton, Adidas and Abercrombie especially in The United States of America to hire people on the basis of their skin color and race. Normally white people are preferred in most of the leading organizations. No matter how qualified and suitable a candidate for a particular job is if he or she belongs to minority or different race most of the time he or she is denied giving various excuses. If candidates belonging to the minority are somehow selected than they are not given promotions and other benefits as the natives.

Very Recently 9 Asian Americans and Latinos filed a case against Abercrombie stating that the policy of the world’s renowned store is discriminatory against those who do not belong to the majority group. Abercrombie’s main criteria for hiring employees are mainly good looks with blonde hair and blue eyes. They prefer attractive employees working in their store as to make an image that Abercrombie is associated with beauty (Got the Look? 2003). Their basis for hiring attractive employees is to help the business attract people belonging to different market segments who want to appear attractive. It is very natural for people to get attracted to scantily clothed girls with blue eyes and blonde hair. Abercrombie basically denies these allegations made by Latinos and Asian Americans maintaining that their hiring policy is not intended to offend any minority groups as people belonging to every race whether they belong to Asian origin, Hispanics or African Americans are attractive. There are attractive people no matter what color, race or religion they belong to but it is just the influence of race, age, cultural backgrounds and religions certain groups perceive things (Got the Look, 2003).

One of the persons named Eduardo Gonzalez 19 years of age belonging to Latin origins applied for a salesperson job at Abercrombie. He was denied the job. When he questioned the manager the reason for rejection of his application he was told that he can apply for a stockroom job or an overnight job so that he cannot be seen working at Abercrombie due to his color by the public (Got the Look, 2003). If Abercrombie would have hired Eduardo Gonzalez it might have affected their so-called beauty associated reputation among the majority group.

The law of The United States simply states that it is illegal to discriminate against employees or job applicants belonging to various color, race, age, sex, religion or minority group settled in The United States. The law also forbids harassment including racial jokes, offensive verbal comments, and physical conduct if it creates a nonfriendly and intimidating working environment (Got the Look, 2003).

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