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The system in the case of the present situation is so compound and rule-bound that employees are incapable to shorten the hiring period. Staffing law, regulations. I addition, the system is excessively constrained by statute and regulation. Calls for reform often appear to be based on the premise that government institutions are rational organizations with apparent goals and objectives, efficiency being chief among them. In fact, managing government requires persistently balancing complex and conflicting goals and influences, some of which are definitely not rational.

Managers in public organizations like this one have criticized for decades about the rigidities and Red Tape of governmental personnel procedure. Many managers say that the web of rules and procedures has created an obstruction to hiring particularly desirable candidates because of such. In addition, this procedure takes time. Even after the rankings, there are often long delays before the person can, in fact, be hired.

The general purpose of the staffing function is to gain the best possible match between the job requirements and the person chosen to fill the job. Staffing in the public sector, however, has often served intention other than finding the best possible match between a person and the job. In some cases, it has been used to further either or both social and political agendas. A social agenda would, for instance, by providing jobs as a reward for military service, for the handicapped, or for those who might not otherwise be able to find employment. A political agenda would be to hire people who helped the elected officials gain office. An associated political motive would be to hire people committed to the agenda of the elected officials.

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