When we talk about Greece we discuss great philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato, of all time who influenced the world they used to live in. In fact most of the trends pertaining to education, sports and politics are adopted from the ancient Greek practices. Ancient Greek practices have influenced the world to a great from generation to generation and may continue to do so as they have been one of the most influential nations in terms of shaping western cultures and living. This article discusses some of the most influential traits of the ancient Greek that are still debated and talked about in the modern world. Read below to learn more.

Socratic Method

The famous Socratic Method is still being used in educational institutes in most of the Western world. The Socratic Method of learning emphasizes a dialogue like the debate in classrooms where students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussions with fellow students and the teacher. This method promotes learning and provides more opportunities to view a certain discussion from different perspectives.

Influence in Sports

When we talk of Greece we come across Olympic Games that were first held in the capital city of Greece, Athens. These Olympic Games are still a vital part of sports and are played once every four years in various countries.

Father of Medicine

Hippocrates is referred to as a father of medicine even with the current inventions and progresses being made in the field of medicine. Though the field of medicine has made a remarkable progress its basic practices have connections with that of the Ancient Greek.

The Current Trends

In the modern times, many Greek students prefer to study in the West because of advanced technology and better learning opportunities. Even with these changes, we cannot neglect the contributions the Greeks have made that we still practice in the modern world.

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