All My Sons is another of Arthur Miller’s plays. It is based on the character of Joe Keller, who is a typical American. He is a successful middle-aged man, who has lived through the Depression.

 He is not educated but his hard work has led to his success today as he owns a factory which he wants his son to inherit after him and lives in a comfortable house. But he has done a terrible act in the past: when World War II was happening, in a hurry to meet an order from the Army and prevent his factory from going bankrupt, he sold them substandard and defective airplane components, knowingly, and this caused the plane to crash and the death of 21 American pilots.

At the time, he managed to frame his business partner for this criminal act and worked things out in a way that none of the blame fell on him. However, now his son is marrying that partner’s daughter. This leads to light being shed on this incident of the past, and the lie that Keller had based his whole life on is finally caught.

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