Sample Essay – Wooden Animal Box Words 1,430

One of the main reasons I had behind the creation of the Wooden Animal Box was to help children to develop mentally and physically. When my nephew held and fit those shapes into the box, I knew that this exercise was not only developing his mind but also helping his motor skills and his hand-to-eye coordination (Garland Burtt & Kalkstein, 1981). The further decision of where to fit the shapes according to the identifying color developed the skills of decision-making and helped him identify similarities. I truly believe this toy stimulated his creativity and helped his decision-making process.

I truly believe children should be given the free will when choosing the material and toys to play. Parents and guardians must let the child discover the procedure of playing (Fisher, 1986). For example parents must not get worried if they are trying to fit the shapes of animals in inappropriate carved holes in the box. I have seen firsthand how children experience and learn through making mistakes and discover many things on their own. However, parental guidance and assistance must be provided where the toy is encouraging violence or frustration.

After my observations, I am pleased to conclude that my goal for designing a toy which would enhance my knowledge regarding the behavior of toddlers was a success. I was hoping that my nephew would love to play with the toy I created for him and it proved to hold his interest for a long while. Moreover, I’m happy that this toy could possibly aid in his development as it can be considered helping him in gaining abilities and skills.

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