Sample Essay – Automation

The reasons behind the theory of automation by William James (1987) are that the complex actions both mental and physical that are taken up by the human being are result of a number of mechanical systems which are in place and operate in order to help the individual relate the brain events with the mental images. Owen Flanagan on the other hand states that consciousness is not relevant and not necessary for a human being to be able to operate his intellectuality and cognitive process through his brain and nervous system.

In reality our brain is a very complex entity and the workings and mechanisms of this entity have not yet been fully identified till as yet therefore it would be feasible and suitable to state that it is essential to have both epiphenomenalism as well as consciousness to be able to function of brain and related process efficiently and in a justified manner. Therefore in my personal opinion, it is essential for human beings in the current state we are to employ and use consciousnesses as a function while also considering epiphenomenalism. Even Owen Flanagan states that currently at the stage that we are it is not possible for us to operate our consciousness from our intellectual compatibility and intelligence however in the future it might be possible to do so.

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