Essay on Spirituality in Different Sects of Christianity

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So, while we look at “spirituality” as that which is involved with directly undergoing our True Nature, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone who writes or speaks the word has this meaning in mind. It is likely, but not necessary, to “be spiritual” within a religious framework – we may, but need not, squeeze the teachings of a particular religion. Often, mainstream religion looks the other way when spirituality’s slippery serpent slithers into view and runs the other way when the serpent speaks and challenges current dogma. Essentially, we can be both religious and spiritual; we can be religious without spirituality, and we can be spiritual without religion.

Quite obviously the language of “spiritual growth” fits better within some Christian traditions than others. So too it is on the spiritual path. Regardless of what it is called, the nurture of spiritual growth is central to all Christian traditions and its significance is in no way tied to one particular set of nomenclature.

Whether the activity is called discipline, mentoring, or offering spiritual counsel; whether the one present the service is measured an authority figure, a peer, or family member; and whether the process is prepared or informal, mutual or one-directional, no Christian tradition relies totally on the individual soul connecting with God in a manner that is unproven by others. Christian spiritual formation and growth has-across the history of the church-been implicit to be a communal undertaking. No one comes to God alone.

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