Sample Essay

Martyrs are people who are prosecuted due to their faith. Christians follow the example of Christ, who came to the world, was persecuted and died on the cross. He told his disciples that they should expect the same, since no servant is greater than his master (John 15:20).

Christians also accepted suffering because they knew that if persecuted for righteousness’ sake, then their reward in heaven would be great (Matthew 5:10-12). Therefore, when the followers of Christ were persecuted, they considered it a s triumph over the world. Rockliff (2011) says that though they could save their lives by denouncing Christ, the Christians chose to die. This devotion to their faith was an encouragement to other Christians. Martyrdom made the Christians have a brave heart to face the worst for the faith. This was a pillar of strength. As it is, all the eleven disciples, except John, died of persecution for the sake of the cross.

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