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The arguments that agitate for legalizing doctor-assisted suicide (Macionis 216) can not be ignored nor can they be easily accepted. First, the notion of the patient’s Right to self-determination in the sense that the patient empowerment gives him or her the power and control to choice of what he or she wants in relation to her life.

For instance, the patient is aware of his or her life and what treatment to get, such questions as” It’s my life, my pain. Why can’t I get the treatment I want?” render it difficulty to nullify the doctor-assisted suicide. Thus, self determination concept in this debate complicates the patient’s right to life deeming it difficult to support or denounce the practice. This is because one patient can decide to take treatment of euthanasia or not due to empowerment resulting from self-determination.

Second, the Mercy Argument which stipulates that the indignity and immense pain resulting from prolonged suffering cannot be ignored. Therefore, we shall prove to be inhumane to force people to continue suffering in this way, calling for euthanasia as a necessary measure to remain humane. Third, pro doctor-assisted suicide can be supported by advances made by the economics argument. The cost of keeping people alive is exceedingly high in terms of medical care bills. Many economists view that we shall be wasting precious resources when an already used up life is prolonged unnecessarily. Lastly, the reality argument proposes that the society should legalize doctor-assisted suicide since many people are already doing it (Macionis 2000). Therefore, the society should face it. These arguments are persuasive and prompt us to include doctor-assisted suicide as one of the treatment option.

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