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The theory states that inequality in the society was the main source of conflict. Social class, status, gender, ethnicity, and age were main factors which influenced the unequal distribution of power, wealth and education. The social patterns benefitted others while harming a mass of people. Marx states that the theory resulted from a stratified society which it comprised two major social groups namely: ruling class and a subject class.

The ruling group oppresses and exploits the minors since they had the power of ownership and are in control over the production. The conflict arises from individual participants who struggled to satisfy their interests by maximizing the benefits (  Interests of the rich and powerful were further expanded by criminal justice systems and laws who acted on their behalf by controlling the poor in society. Marx further state that western society was developed by capitalism, communism, and feudalism. The communism represented the less fortunate in the society who owned labor and were economically exploited by the rich who used the economic power to gain political influence. His argument suggests that classes resulted from the market economy in which individuals competed for financial benefit giving rise to the major class division between those who own the forces of production and those who didn’t have power over the production.

The continuous social conflict between dominant and disadvantaged individuals made the rich to strive for protection of their opportunities while the less privileged attempted to acquire more for themselves. Social class inequality was passed from one generation to another as poor remained poor while reach continued to amass more wealth. The theory was not only used to understand society but also to find facts on changing a society that would reduce the inequality.

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