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Social learning is an aspect which is very important in psychology. The social learning theory focuses on finding out how people learn and whether their environment and their surroundings have an impact on the way they behave. The social learning theory suggests that people learn by observing others and that whatever happens in the social environment tends to have an impact on the way a person behaves. This is true to some extent.

The society works on a basis of rewards and punishments which tend to influence individuals in society. This system model the behavior of these individuals and they tend to act according to the way society expects them to. An advocate of this social learning theory is Albert Bandura.

In the 1950’s an American psychologist, Julian Rotter first introduced the social learning theory. He stated that people expect the outcome of behaviors and thus this influences the way in which an individual behaves. He stated in his work people all want positive feedback and results for their actions and thus they aspire to be accepted by everyone around them. They still, however, are aware of their negative behaviors and know what the consequences of these can be.

Bandura, however, went a step further and included Vygotsky’s theory in his own. Vygotsky talks about socialization and how cognition and behavior all promote development and socialization. Bandura’s theory was based on the fact that there is certainly a relationship between the environment, a person’s behavior, and his/her cognition. He also believed that people do model the behavior of others and they are always looking to be accepted for their behavior. People in society…

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