Sample Essay

1)      It provides regulations not only to minimize risk to employees. But also to inform them of any potential hazards which may be present in the workplace such as those in the list prepared by the NIOSH.

2)      It should be structured as to separate infectious and non infectious waste and then handle infectious waste as infectious matter. It should set packaging standards for its disposal, as well as specifying methods for disposal, storage. There must also be an emergency protocol along with a teaching protocol for staff.

3)      The employee health department provides physicals and 24 hour facilities to continuously monitor the health of employees. It also has plans in place which are structured towards containment of emergency situations involving employees being involved with fire, spillage, chemicals, radiological or biological items.

4)      The facility safety committee is responsible for designing safety programs which are responsible for reducing risks to employees in terms of all safety hazards and regulations. They are also responsible for conveying functions and responsibilities as well as executing plans to maintain guidelines, procedures and standards.

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