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In order to further investigate on this concept a study pertaining to the cost of the lifestyle based programs was employed. The aim of this study was to observe which factors effect increase the costs of the lifestyle programs and strived provide a solution for decreasing their financial burden. The data for this study was collected through previously conducted research as well as from the information available through medical journals. The primary data for this research was collected by interviewing and monitoring 20 patients and high risk people who were currently using the lifestyle modification programs to fight against diabetes. Over two weeks their weekly costs for their groceries as well as medicine and miscellaneous expensive were observed and their reaction to the lifestyle program was also determined.

The results of the study depicted that medicines for controlling the disease and the insulin injections were amongst the high expenses being born by the sample. Aside from this, the use of specialized products for people on diet and with sugar increased the weekly costs for the sample population. However when compared to other people who were not employing lifestyle modification for diabetes control, it was determined that lifestyle modification was the most effective long term method for controlling as well as preventing diabetes and its threats.

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