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The research was meant to play a pivotal role in the development of the reserve of knowledge that seeks to understand the rapidly evolving trends in the petrol station retail outlet genre. The research was designed to be carried out so that it could contribute to subsequent researches in the subject of research and was meant to encourage the carrying out of researches that sought to explore related field of research. It is essential to note at this point that the research was fundamentally exploratory and it is for the same reason that special attention has been given to the identification of key elements that influence customer satisfaction.

It was observed that customers have significantly high expectations when they avail services at ESSO Supermarkets. In fact, the nature of expectancy observed for excellent Petrol Retail Supermarkets in general was observed to be one that was significantly high in terms of the factors for which it was gauged. It was realized that consumers hold these expectations because of the higher level of service quality that they desire at Petrol Station Retail Supermarkets.

With regard to discrepancies between the expectations that consumers have regarding the service quality provided at Petrol Station Supermarkets and the perception that they hold with regard to it, it was observed that the gap was quite minimal and did not exceed into variations of high magnitudes at any point. Consumers were observed to harbour perceptions that appeared to adapt to their expectations in the case of the factors analysed to establish the difference that exists between consumer expectation and consumer perceptions.

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