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Another big change that has happened due to the evolution in media technology is the formation of social communities on the internet. People’s need to socialize has been their forever. Unlike other media, the internet enables live direct communication and social activity between people. It has become a sort of platform which allows people the opportunity to make friends, chat, and date, conclude their business deals etc. This aspect was not there before, not to the extent to which it has occurred with the introduction of the internet.

Websites like My or allow non geographical communities to form. The easiness in which people can become online friends and socialize has gradually changed the way in which people interact on a daily basis. People can chat with users around the world. Internet chatting and text communication is becoming a gradual replacement of traditional telephony to some extent. The need for conversation has always been there. The social change that the new media is bringing about has led to a reduction in direct communication and its replacement with virtual communication, via the use of words (on a screen).

It has also become a platform at which people first meet. This new media is pushing the boundaries of the traditional norms. Online dating service providers have allowed people who get to know others before actually meeting them. It is not uncommon nowadays to hear that two people who met online are a couple in the real life (Winston, B., 1998)

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