Sample Essay

The study of the public administration pertains to the study of the different policies for the government and the public good and social justice in the society that is enacted by the government through the policies. Through the study of the public administration it is also determined that the jobs that are undertaken and performed by the government differ in their approach and responsibility according to the different levels of the government. The different functions and is also dependent on who is the actual provider of the goods and services.

The government is usually divided into different levels pertaining to national or federal government, state or provincial government and district or city based government, etc. as a result the jobs that are undertaken by the government vary according to the different levels of the government as well “Local governments tend to concentrate on directly providing goods and services. State governments also provide goods and services, but in addition they play a critical role as go-between for the local and federal levels. They transfer money to local governments and administer money given them by the federal government.”(‘KU Independent Study Course Preview’)

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