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Social anxiety disorder is a serious mental disorder where a person avoids socializing with others. A person suffering from this disorder experiences extreme shyness around people. They are so obsessed with getting embarrassed in social situations that they avoid all types of social gatherings. Their life is very limited as they do not have any social contacts. They prefer staying indoors most of the time because they fear being judged and evaluated by others. It is a serious disorder and there must be some sort of medical intervention in order to relieve the symptoms of this disorder. In this article, we will further discuss social anxiety disorder and how it can be treated by seeking professional help.

Who can be affected by Social Anxiety Disorder?

It is not a virus of any kind but a mental disorder. It can affect men as well as women. It is usually developed from childhood. The causes can be genetic. If someone has a history of mental illnesses he is likely to be affected by this problem. It can also affect those having a very abusive past where they might have been abused physically as well as verbally by others during childhood. Constant bullying in high school can also lead to anxiety disorder.

How Can Social Anxiety Disorder be treated?

This disorder has no cure but it can be managed to take certain effective measures. Psychotherapy is one of the most effective tools in combination with medicines. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is also a very effective tool to cope with this problem. In cognitive-behavioral therapy, therapists teach their patients certain coping skills so that they can cope with situations causing anxiety.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Symptoms of a social anxiety disorder include extreme fear of social situations. In this disorder, one fears strangers. He isolates himself and prefers being lonely. People with anxiety disorder have a hard time finding and keeping a job. If someone is a student he will have very difficult time attending classes because of fear of other people. They always fear being judged and evaluated by others around them. They have a hard time maintaining relationships also. Their beliefs are basically based on false perceptions.

If someone avoids social gathering and suffers from extreme shyness he is likely to be suffering from social anxiety disorder. It is difficult to overcome but it is not something that is impossible. With efforts and awareness, one can overcome this problem.

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