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Cigarette smoking is one of the most harmful habits. It can affect health very badly. A stick of cigarette contains numerous poisonous chemicals such as arsenic. It is a very addictive habit where if one starts smoking regularly he finds it very difficult to quit. The presence of nicotine in a cigarette is a substance that mixes in blood every time a person smokes. When the nicotine level in the blood decreases a person feels an urge to smoke again. As long as the nicotine level is maintained in the bloodstream a person does not feel an urge to smoke. It all depends on how many cigarettes a person smokes in a day. It is indeed a myth that if a person smokes few cigarettes in a day he is not likely to get affected. Whether a person smokes one cigarette in a day or more than that it causes similar effects. Several people die in the world due to smoking but people who smoke do not realize that it can affect them too.

Harms of Smoking

Cigarette smoking is one of the core reasons for lung cancer. Many people in the world die of lung cancer and the main cause of this cancer in most of medical cases are related to smoking. Smoking destroys the respiratory system of a human being. A person who smokes regularly cannot run for too long. His lungs get too contaminated with chemicals that its normal function is badly affected. There is a big difference between a smoker’s lungs and the person who does not smoke. A smoker’s lung is turned black due to excessive smoking while a nonsmoker has normal lungs with normal function. Apart from lung cancer, a person who smokes is also vulnerable to getting other types of cancers. Oral cancer is also one of the causes of smoking. Oral cancer affects the mouth of a person and if left untreated initially can spread to other organs. Many people who smoke also become a victim of oral cancer.

Can a Person Quit Smoking?

It is one of the most difficult things to do for a person who is a regular smoker. As soon as his nicotine levels drop he gets an urge to smoke again. It requires sheer willpower and determination to quit something as addictive as smoking. Once a person quits smoking eventually it takes almost fifteen years for his body to return to normal again.

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