Sample Essay – Second Hand Smoking

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Abstract: there are great risks and dangers involved with smoking and non-smokers have their health at risk too, perhaps on an equal footing as smokers.

A study which was published in a January issue by JAMA – Journal of Medical Association examined what the impact of being exposed to ETS is on the further advancement of atherosclerosis which is a disease that causes the arteries of the heart to harden.

The study concluded that non-smokers who were exposed to ETS, their arteries had a 20 percent greater chance of thickening as compared to those non-smokers who were not exposed to any form of second hand smoking (JAMA). A different study, which was published in the ‘Pediatrics’ in the January issue approximated that around half of the children who suffered from chronic bronchitis, asthma and wheezing had these problems due to being exposed to second hand smoke (JAMA).

Second Hand Smoking

When people smoke in public areas, not only do they put themselves at risk, they put those people around them at risk too. Studies conducted recently on the number of people who die due to smoking has confirmed that out of every 10 people, 8 people get affected by a disease which is associated to smoking which is a cause of second hand smoking.

The government has taken certain steps in order to enforce laws which ban people from smoking in certain places. Why should someone who has been taking care of his/her health be subjected to health problems caused by someone else’s smoking habit? Why should a family at dinner have to smell the smoke from someone else’s cigarette?