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Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of treatment that helps patients suffering from mental illnesses overcome their negative thinking pattern. Our thoughts determine our feelings. If we think negatively we are likely to feel bad thus effecting our overall behavior. If thoughts are positive it affects us in a good way and our behavior is also likely to be more positive and full of positive energy. People suffering from mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar do not have control over their thoughts. They develop automatic thought response to their assumed stimulus which affects their behavior. The role of cognitive behavioral therapy is to help patients suffering from mental disorders cope with their negative thinking pattern and change their thoughts to more positive ones in order to feel better. In this article we will discuss how cognitive behavioral therapy works and how it can be a valuable tool to assist different patients cope with their life in a better way.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works?

People suffering from different mental illnesses develop an automatic response to things they just assume. Those things are not part of reality and it is just their negative thoughts that affect their behavior. For instance, a person with depression is likely to think that the world is against him due to some negative experiences. He is likely to generalize the whole situation negatively rather than thinking that one negative event cannot be held responsible to blame everyone in a society. Their thoughts are not rational and they are highly likely to assume things rather than analyzing a situation and take it in a more logical way. A person with depression is likely to feel bad when he sees someone laughing. He is likely to assume that the person is making fun of him. But in reality that person may be laughing at something else. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps a person with negative thinking behavior challenge such negative thoughts and look at them more logically. It requires a person to replace his negative thoughts with more positive ones in order to avert negative feelings associated with negative thoughts.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a valuable tool that can help patients suffering from mental illnesses think in a more positive and logical way. With positive thoughts a person may feel much better compare to feelings associated with negative thoughts. Apart from medication regular therapy sessions with a clinical psychologist can help a person overcome his negative thoughts and he may live a more productive and happier life.


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