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This paper would seek to analyze an issue which might seem to be a mere façade but in reality it is much more than that. The issue is that of the connection between Islam and Modernity or rather the compatibility between Islamic ideas and beliefs and the phenomenon which is defined as modernity. If one was to analyze both of these concepts that what has to be understood is that both of these concepts have their own roots in history and have a number of aspects attached to each of them.

Both have had a number of schools of thought connected to them and hence, both are complex in their own right. As for the connection between them, that seems to be a daunting matter indeed and makes one sit up and take notice of the way this relationship developed.

This paper would seek to present an understanding of the connection between Islam and the impact of modernity on a religion which is embedded in traditional values and beliefs.  In order to do that, the paper would seek to outline the various developments which have taken place over time while at the same time evaluating the present Muslim identity. Whether the present Muslim still adheres to the traditional values or is he someone who is radically opposed to all “modern” elements. (Kurzman,1998),.

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