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Hence, the entire Muslim identity is a source of confusion as there are two equally diverse ideological backgrounds which have resulted in alienating those who adhere to the modernism version of Islam.

An example can be quoted of Agha Khan, a leader of one of the Muslim sects, who is well-renowned in the Western world for his modern ideology and for his progressive thinking which has resulted in making his sect one of the most progressive Muslim groups to date. In fact, this particular sect emphasizes on liberal education which is a complete contrast to the radical views of the fundamentalists who try to downplay any education except for their own distorted religious education.(Patel,2003)

Thus, this research paper outlined certain significant developments in Islam with respect to modernism and then it brought to light the way Muslim identity has become a cause for confusion and crisis as it has been overshadowed by tow radically opposing groups. The way which each individual would want to go would determine whether he would want to be defined as one who is totaling or someone who believes in the strong correlation between Islam and Modernism.

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