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I think it is the wrong question to ask.  It is not whether it can or cannot be done, but at what cost?  Of course, to this, one may argue about the cost of installing, maintaining, upgrading and insuring a business’s IT infrastructure, as well as the cost of any possible failure(s).

For example, not having access to something as indispensable as online marketing means that a business is not communicating with 1.7 billion internet users.  It is a big number to be missing out on!  It would seriously hamper a company’s global/regional operations since its marketing department will not have access to critical consumer data to forecast consumer demand and behaviour trends.  Furthermore, without an effective online presence, it will not be able to communicate with a large number of its customers and investors.

It goes without saying that modern information technology has revolutionized the way we think, act and communicate.  Yes, there are indeed certain tangible risks associated with our increasing reliance on technology, but these risks have existed in one form or another since the Bronze Age.  The answer is to take steps that minimize these risks rather than minimizing the role of technology in our business operations.

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