Sample Essay – Midsummer Nights Dream

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Abstract: it is through poetry that James Joyce was able to write the greatest love songs of all times. A poet should also write tragedies and display emotions.

During his teenage, a friend of James Joyce asked him if he was ever in love. James Joyce answered by saying that if he had never been in love, he would never have been able to write the perfect love songs of their time. He also said that a poet should always write about his past or about his future emotions because the job of a poet is to write about tragedies, not to become an actor in a tragedy (Ellman 62).

Midsummer Nights Dream

I have mentioned this here because by using the word ‘tragedy’ instead of ‘comedy’ and giving a little latitude to the word ‘actor’, Joyce gives A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s argument, regarding the role of an actor. This means that an artist must not be involved in the action and should be completely removed from it.

Also, an artist must not be prone to temptations. By maintaining such a distance, an artist is able to gain a perspective on certain situations. This distance that the artist maintains also allows him to express and give meaning to experiences of other characters.