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Computers have been one of the most devices invented by mankind that has completely altered the lives of people all over the world. It has given an absolutely new dimension to everything and completely influenced life on planet earth. In simpler words it can be said that computers are the backbone devices of the digital age. In the article Computer Education Is Vital for Students of the Future”, Riley (1995) emphasizes on the need and importance of incorporating computer technology in our education system. Technology is so rapidly advancing ahead that the awareness of computer technology has now moved from being a need to an essential demand.

It is high time that the educational institutions should revise their strategies and focus deeply on the implementation of computer education and awareness. Plans should also be developed to make this education accessible to all; particularly to disabled children and those who can’t afford to attend school.

The advantages of taking such measures are infinite as the future lies in this technology. Making individuals acquire knowledge of computers will not only benefit them in their future and careers but will also add immense value to the productivity of the nation on the whole. The economic condition from individual to national level will significantly improve with these measures because computer and IT is now an integral part of all walks of life.

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