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The effects of the country’s brutal Civil War, the impact of the warring Mujahedeen and, the Taliban regime, were explored in this chapter in terms of the devastation wrought on the nation’s society and infrastructure (Emadi, 2005; Hoodfar, 2007; Roshan, 2004; Wardak, 2004) particularly on the nation’s educational system (Banzet & de Geoffroy, 2006; Islam, 2007; Moreno, 2005; Shirazi, 2007).

These aftermath had considerable relevance in shaping translator’s personal experience. Significantly, the chapter highlighted relevant development of Afghan education under the current government (DeStefano, et al., 2007; Mansory, 2007); Karlsson & Mansory, 2004) to illustrate its relevance in preparing a populace to assume full control of the nation’s affairs once the U.S. and NATO finally withdraw from the country.

While an improved educational system “is not automatically a panacea,” (Islam, 2007, p. 5), researchers have argued that educational systems must be implemented wisely if they are not to engender insoluble controversy and create further imbalance in already fragile societies and developing states (Islam; Paulson & Rappleye, 2007; Policy for the Rehabilitation, 2002; Rose & Greeley, 2006).

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