Essay: The Magic of Life with DNA

Sample Essay

A lot of research has been carried out in the recent years on the famous DNA that is said to carry all the genetic details of any living organism. A recent breakthrough has been declared by scientists and researchers in the United States with a possible extension in the life of human cells by changing the DNA. This may come as a breath of fresh air for individuals fighting with the deadly diseases or deal with illnesses related to prolonged age. Although this may not be some magical solution to impart an eternal life, yet it can prove to be highly beneficial in fighting against cases of cancer etc where the process of cell multiplication is quite rapid.

The functioning of human body is such that cell growth and division facilitates the formation of organs and tissues. However, this expansion of cells is a process that works for a limited period before ceasing. This happens because the telomeres which are structures protecting the ends of chromosomes keep on shortening each time  cell division occurs until they diminish and cause the process to stop. An artificial increase in the telomeres can make possible cell division again and this exactly is the magic our scientists have found the key to.

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