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The three rivers, The Castilian Spring, The Pierian Spring and the River Lethe part of the Greek Mythology. Each is Unique in its own way: the Castalian Spring gives inspiration of foretelling the future and dreaming. The Pierian Spring was the spring of the Muses and it brought forth knowledge and learning. While The River Lethe provided Oblivion to make people unaware of things. I would choose to drink from the Pierian Spring, there are three fundamental reasons why anyone whether myself or rest of the world would opt for The Pierian Spring. The first is because Knowledge is the most important thing for a human being. As opposed to and oblivion, a person with knowledge and learning can bring about change. Lastly inspiration in terms of foresight and daydreaming does not lead a person to achieve anything; instead knowledge and learning are the impetus which set things in motion. This paper discusses the three Mythical Rivers and then elaborates upon why I have chosen to drink water from The Pierian Spring.

Castalian Spring

The Castalian Spring in the ravine between the Phaedriades at Delphi is where all comers to Delphi, the contestants in the Pythian Games and especially aspirants who came to consult the Oracle, stopped to wash their hair.

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