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The central policy of Zionism was that the Jews of the world, despite the quality of their religious commitment to Judaism, constitute one nation, one separate and distinct people. As such they were allowed to create their own state, that is, a state for all Jews worldwide and only for Jews. To achieve this, two steps were required: Jews had to be separated from their individual countries and transplanted to the new state, and non-Jews or the indigenous population, had to be distant from their land to make room for the transplanted Jews.

Much had occurred between 1948 when the United States recognized the Zionist State, and 1975, when the United Nations scrutinized the tenets of Zionism. Well aware of the Zionists’ long-range plans, the Arabs had discarded the partition plan, which gave 55 percent of Palestine, including its most productive regions, to Jews who owned slightly over six percent. Even before the May 14, 1948, declaration of statehood, however, Zionist forces had attacked and occupied large parts of the 45 percent that had been allocated to the Palestinians.

On May 14th, 1948, just as soon as the British Mandate had expired, the Jews declared Israel an independent nation. While the new state was instantly recognized by the USA and the USSR, its Arab neighbors were not as supportive. In fact, as planned, the Arab League sent to troops to the Palestinian territory. Approximately 1,000 Lebanese, 6,000 Syrian, 4,500 Iraqi, 5,500 Egyptian, and 6,000-9,000 Transjordanian troops entered and faced an Israeli army of 35,000. While both sides steadily increased their manpower in following months, it is the Israelis who gained the real advantage.

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