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The visionary fathers of the Americas land seems like they did not have an ill motive for all the Americans when they came up with the Americas ideology of liberty and equity, a land for equal chances to all. From on set, this dream assumed a virtual thing because year down the line, men and women suffered kept suffering out of slavery and inequity, an exact opposite of what was promised.

Among the consequences of the prejudice and discrimination include the loss of lives that were associated with the struggle for liberation. Both whites and blacks died as each group discriminated against each other. Taylor, (2000) notes that both black and whites knew each other, and claims that the American history is that of blood of slavery coupled with the spirit of freedom. In addition, these two elements brought shame that reduced the self esteem as men and women found themselves at crossroads. They could not go back to Africa and where they were the conditions were horrific. Ellison put the point across this way, “…I am only ashamed for having at one time been ashamed” (Taylor, 2000).

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