Sample Essay

Media has had to transform to the needs of the people. As more and more people have gotten used to the new technologies as basic platforms for media, the businesses related activities, the broadcast television has had to conform to the changing trends of the public. Since trends of people are changing towards using the internet as the primary source for information and news, print media has had to conform to the new platform.

They have had to make available their content online to keep their consumers faithful. At first when the internet technology was being introduced, the print media was skeptical of the success it would have with the public. They rejected the internet as a means for publishing content. Society was expected to reject this medium therefore the print media resisted this change. The change in trends of the society were not expected, but after observing the effects of losing consumers to the electronic new media, the print media decided to conform to the change. They adopted and had to publish their contents on the internet as well.

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