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Another quality making a good parent is being able to provide for the family with safety. This encompasses physical safety of the shelter, the financial safety of being able to meet the family’s financial needs and other forms of psychological safety. Most families in the global sense demand high degree of security and safety due to the uncertainties in the world.  Financial security to prepare the family members for their future especially for the kids education is a crucial role that is a compliment for every parent.

Another quality of a good parent is being able to listen to the voice of the family members and reacting effectively to their demands. Considering that nobody is perfect, when  parents makes mistakes, they need to accept and correct their mistakes on good time and in good faith for the better of the family and society at large. Through this, a parent will be able to be a role model to the family.

Though each social cultural setting has what the qualities of a good parent, a parent needs to realize that there is no parent who can be exclusively perfect. This therefore calls for parents to change some approaches while providing the best for the family. In every society, this list is endless; however, love, security and safety are among the best amenities that a good parent must provide for the family. By provision of these needs to the family members, a parent will be respected by the family members and the society while the parent will be able to control the whole family.

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