Sample Essay – Social Stratification

Social stratification is described as classification of people into groups characterized by set of shared social, economic and political dimensions in a given society.  The social stratification reviews shall be based on theories described by Max Webber, Pierre Bourdieu and Talcott Parsons with different suggestions on societal stratification hierarchies and social features determining the arrangements of the concept.

Max Webber’s Theory on Social Stratification

Societal stratification concept is described as classification of people into the hierarchy with distinct features basically unequal distribution of resources in the society by Max Webber. It is perceived to be an attribute of a society which is passed on from one generation to another. Max theory suggests that the classification entails class, status and party based on factors such as property, prestige and power. It is described as differential ranking of individuals who possesses some features and their treatment as being inferior or superior to others in a social discipline.

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