Sample Essay – Being a good Parent

Being a good parent is among the most tasking responsibilities on earth, considering that one has to provide for the physical and psychological needs of all the children one bears.  Most parents want the best for their children. However, the parents daily responsibilities force them to give divided attention, eventually not achieving the noble task of being a good parent.  Besides being a good parent being a lifetime requirement, the responsibilities of being a good parent change with time as an offspring grows older.
Though the list of qualities of a good parent varies from individual to individual in different parts of the world, there are general qualities that are universally agreed to constitute a good parent. This essay focuses on what it takes to be a good parent.
Among the best qualities that make a good parent is the ability to provide love and affection to the whole family without bias. Noting that a parent may have several children with different abilities and needs, the parent’s ability to provide love and affection to the whole family enables the family to remain bonded.
This quality has been passed through generations, hence maintaining family unity. Through this quality, the parent can nurture virtues in the family and eliminate the vices among the family members. To achieve this, a parent must compliment each family member’s positive achievements while condemning any evil doings. The evils and the virtues are determined by the norms within each culture in the global village.

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