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There are however substantial disadvantages as well which restrict expansive use of the infra red technology. The first is the issue of speed. Rate of data transfer using infra red signals is relatively low compared to other wireless communication technologies which puts a constraint on the amount of data to be transferred and may be disadvantageous in terms of large file transfers which may take a long while.

There is also the problem with the devices being needed to be in line o sight of each other to enable communication. This puts a limit on the range to which this technology can be applied and thus can not be made use of in cases which require slightly longer distance coverage. Furthermore, while its signals are not affected by the signals of other devices and technologies, they are highly sensitive to other variables in the environment such as direct sunlight and rain. It further shows distortion in signals with smog and dust which limits its use in various environmental conditions (Kaine-Krolak).

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