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KB/s and Kb/s are different where B represents byte and b represents bit. 8 bits make a byte. The transfer speed is illustrated in terms of B and the connection speed in the form of b. The download speed of 4.3 KBps is not different from 34.4 Kbps. Similarly transfer speed of 100 KB/s and 800 Kb/s are the same. The devices allow a node to connect to LAN. The speed suitable for wired connections is 100 Mb/s and wireless connections would need for about 11, 54 or 108 Mbps.

First option is pretty slow and 54 Mbps is supposedly appropriate for the kind of network we have to design. Even faster internet connections are available too with bandwidth up to 1 Gb/s or 1000 Mb/s or 1048576000 bits per second. There is a concept of dynamic bandwidth management which offers real-time upload and download throughput monitoring, prioritizing of traffic in an archive server connection. The interesting feature is the provision of appropriate bandwidth every time to enable intended task with best ever speed (Mohpatra 2006).

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