Sample Essay – Cyborgs

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With the successful integration of electromechanical devices into the human body, active research is also being carried out to further extend the capabilities of the human body by incorporating other technologies, including artificial intelligence. Certainly, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enhance the processes and functions normally offered by the human body to an extent which would meet the definition of future Cyborgs as defined in fiction. This has opened a new horizon for studies into technologies such as ubiquitous computing and well as the integration of brain with computer intelligence. Another form of integration that is currently being actively pursued is the brain-computer interfacing through which a direct path of communication will be made available to the human brain and external devices.

Futurists such as Kevin Warwick, predict that the fusion between humans and computers will become so complete that it would give rise to a new generation of medical treatments called “E-Medicine”. In the future, E-Medicine will be used to successfully treat some of the complex diseases of today’s such as Parkinson’s, Epilepsy as well as Dementia and Schizophrenia.


It would also help in significantly reduce the effects of motor neuron diseases as well as paralysis and sclerosis by enabling the patient to control their environments and perform daily tasks such as driving cars, through their thoughts by using the implants integrated to their body.

Also, many of the researchers working on the integration of humans and computers are very optimistic that in future the linking of human brain and artificial intelligence will make it possible to enhance the functions of brain with enhancements to memory, increased range of senses as well as possibility of communicating with other humans and machines via thought gaining significant interest.

It has also been predicted that integrating the human brain and machine would make it possible to have multidimensional thoughts. Dr. Ray Kurzweil, a famous technology futurologist, has also shown his optimism on the subject of human-machine integration by predicting that not only in 20 years, it will be possible for computers to simulate the human brain, but the technology will also permit the creation of a new intelligent being that would combine the intelligence of humans and machines, ushering in a fantastic new area of technological advances (Clark, 2004).

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