Sample Essay (2008) refers to Constantine as the first Christian emperor. He was not born a Christian but was introduced by his mother to it. In an event which has remote similarity to the case of Saul, Constantine was going for a battle. He looked up and saw a vision in the noon-time sky. In the vision, he saw a cross written ‘by this sign conquer’.

He therefore instructed his soldiers to have the cross sign (Chi-Rho) on their helmets. He won the battle with much ease, and he believed that the victory had come from the Christian God. Constantine therefore declared himself a Christian and showed favor to the believers. He conferred with Licinius, the then ruler of provinces and gave the orders for freedom of worship to the Christians. He also restored all the Christians’ properties that had been ruthlessly confiscated. Constantine further made good relations with the leaders of the Catholic Church which formed the basis for the papal office. Christians got jobs in government offices and the emperor also gave financial support for construction of Basilicas. Punitive measures were imposed on those who opposed the Christian faith. The sanctuaries of the pagan gods were torn down and Christianity was exalted. During the time of Constantine, Christianity became a powerful state religion.

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