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Security policing has remained a priority for most countries especially those that are at risk of being attacked by international criminals. The issue whether to depend on the security agencies to come up with security measures or not can not be over emphasized (Silverman 2006 p. 11). There exist many international security agencies, which have been involved in security monitoring across the globe for along time.

These security agencies can be very useful in formulating the most appropriate security policies simply because there well fashioned with the same. Protective measures against possible attack from international criminals such as the al-Qaida of Afghanistan or the recent Alshaabab from the horn Africa is imminent as these terror groups are relentless on their missions (Sherman 1998 p. 57). The FBI has recently released the names of some of the most wanted terrorist and keeps re-evaluating the same frequently since the 9/11 terror attacks. This implies that using the already acquired information is the best foundation upon which to build policies on international security.

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