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Despite the good it has done to society and the fact that life is much easier; the internet has also had its negative effects, which cannot be ignored. This essay thus examines the negative consequences of the internet on society. To this end, it will use the thesis statement, ‘In spite of all its positive effects, the internet has had negative results on society as well.

It is important to note that being online, means that one is in a virtual world where one interacts with people. However, as people do not see each other face to face, it is easy for one to make an identity for themselves that is false. For instance, a thirty-year-old man can claim to be sixteen years old so he can interact with people that age. This same man can pretend to have a job he does not have or have talents or hobbies that he has never undertaken. Moreover, one does not have to censor their words when they are online. Consequently, one can be racist or sexist, without the fear of being reprimanded by others.

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