Anorexia is a severe illness that most people do not give due consideration to.  It is an eating disorder in which a person loses hunger because of the fear of gaining weight or becoming overweight. Consequently a person continues to lose weight rapidly with bare minimum eating and extensive exercise.

This illness is mostly common among women as they are always more concerned about their physical appearance compared to men. It is becoming more and more common with the passage of time and about 8 million Americans are said to be affected by it. It must be kept in mind that Anorexia does not occur as a result of some physical illness or disorder. It is more of a psychological disorder which results in physical damage.

Women these days are obsessed about the way they look. They try to relate to the models and film actresses while forgetting that it is a commercial world out there and models need to look good because that is what earns them the money.  A recent survey revealed that 85% of the women are not happy about the way they look hence the mental depression resulting from the want to be physically charming and having a perfect model like appearance and low self confidence give rise to this illness.

The consequences of this disorder are extremely severe. When a person starts starving his or her self while exercising extensively and uses diet pills or drinks, the body starts going into a state of shock. Deprived of meals it starts shedding off weight at a rapid pace.  The weight loss is so rapid and intense that it takes away the freshness from an individual’s face and starts making him or her look old all of a sudden.  This illness is so dangerous that if continued for long eventually results in death. Continued starvation of the body may lead to failure of organs and eventually the body collapses due to lack of essential nutrients.

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