Distance Learning Essay

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Because of the many demands on the time of adults, distance learning can be of great benefit: It allows adults to pursue their post-secondary education as well as meeting their other obligations. It is not only far more convenient, but it can also provide a better education because of the capabilities of the internet today it can be global in nature (Shelly etal, 2001). A student can study in his or her house after having put in a full day’s work and attended to family obligations and receive instruction from experts all over the globe. Distance learning, which began as a very low-tech effort, can now unite students with faculty across the world. Distance learning allows students electronic access to libraries across the world while also allowing students to form international electronic communities with other students via the internet. Education has for too long been seen as something that children do; a finite task that is finished just as one is entering the adult world. Distance learning helps extend the possibilities of education so that it can really become a lifelong pursuit, helping to create the kind of engaged, educated citizen who is needed for life in the 21st century.

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