Film Review

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The Scarlet Letter is a film version of the classic novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne by the same name. This movie was directed by Roland Joffé.  This version was the book was loosely based on the original work and turned out to be a very unpopular movie,  as the ending of the movie was also changed.

The movie is about the struggle between the puritanical religion of the early American settlers and adultery as an important issue in that community.  It tells the story of Hester Prynne a Puritan woman who has an affair with a priest and ends up having a baby from that affair. She is forced to wear the scarlet colored “A” to show everyone one that she is a sinner.

The religion showed in the movie is very strict and dark and it controls the lives of everyone who are judged by a few men. The religion defines a set of rules by which all the members of that community have to live by. This religion is also portrayed as being very harsh in terms of punishment given to the people to do not follow it. Overall the movie portrays religion in a very negative light.

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