A Crime is Never a Crime until Proven

What is a crime? A crime is an act of offense that is unacceptable by the society. A crime can be theft, burglary, homicide, serial killing, rape and smuggling goods without paying tax. Why crimes take place at all? What is the motive behind committing a crime? Is it to destabilize the society or to gain power over others by unfair means to manipulate everything according to ones will?  This is an essay written to explain why crimes take place.


Crimes take place because of unfair means of distribution of wealth among people. The economic system in most of the countries functions in such a way that they further strengthen the rich and powerful and neglect the basic needs of the poor and weak. The unfair means of distribution of wealth among the people lead financially weaker people to commit crimes and possess material things through forceful acts.

How to Prevent a Crime?

  • According to Karl Marx if the wealth is distributed equally among everyone in the nation than crimes will not take place in a large percentage.
  • Law enforcement by the authorities concerned to punish those who are guilty to ensure that crimes do not take place.
  • Being fair when it comes to punishing the victims of crime regardless of their status and position in the society.

Some schools of thoughts believe that a criminal is not a criminal by birth but is forced to become one. The reasons could be injustice and mental disorders. If criminals are treated with sympathy, love, and care they can be changed into a good civilian.

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