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Other Studies compare divorced and intact families. The Adult Attachment Study was used to conclude security differences. In this meticulous study, Hazen and Shaver described three styles evident in adulthood, sanctuary, avoidance, and anxious-ambivalent. Originally, they felt that divorce would be linked with insecure adults, however, during their study, they found no such proof. They did, however, conclude that adults whose parents were contentedly married with a loving relationship were more probable to be secure.

In the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage (1998), an article titled “Parental Divorce and Young Adults’ Beliefs About Love” explores the thoughts and feelings of love from backgrounds of young adults coming from divorced families contrast to those never faced with divorce. Increased rates of divorce in the United States have sparked interest among researchers for years; focusing mainly on the impact divorce has on a child’s deeds, school performance, and general happiness. The problems in this article present the question of whether young adults, chiefly college-aged students from divorced families, have a diverse view of love than those who come from “intact” families.

The focus of the study in Journal of Divorce and Remarriage (1998) was whether young adults with divorced parents have dissimilar attitudes and thoughts on love than those young adults whose parents were not split. Through an op-scan sheet, young adults answered and rated an assortment of questions including the status of their parent’s marriage. Participants then were divided into intact/happy, intact/unhappy, or divorced. Then they chose their affection type, secure, avoiding, or anxious-ambivalent. This gave researchers the possibility to see if there was any consistency between family status and how one feels about his/her current lifestyle.

The second part of the study presented eighteen statements such as “you should marry for love,” “love at first sight,” “true love lasts forever,” and “love can overcome any obstacles” which were ranked one if they sturdily disagreed to a five if they strongly agreed. The reason of ranking the eighteen items was to conclude which one of the six love cycles was more apparent.


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